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I work with multi-gen organizatons that have identified specific problems within their business that are hindering their growth. Empowering companies to tackle barriers, think differently and execute strategy with confidence is at the heart of what I do.


Taking a systematic and practical approach to solving your business problems.

Let’s work together to create real change and deliver results


Succession & Exit Planning

Creating the necessary dialogue and heavy lifting in family business discussions to ensure the founder's legacy thrives beyond its generation.


Growth Strategy & Innovation

A disciplined process for re-imagining the business model beyond the "box", coupled with practical implementation to achieve exceptional results. We'll create a road map for growing tangible market value in your business.


Executive coaching and mentoring to cultivate the virtues of leadership that will engage, challenge and motivate the organization.

Speaking Events & Workshops

I host workshops on business succession, strategy and exit planning. I've also spoken at multiple corporate events addressing business purpose and entrepreneurship.

Schedule a call and let's discuss what you and your business can benefit from.


Partnering with you to create lasting change

The role I have been serving since 2005 as business coach, consultant, mentor and friend to business owners and multi-gen family organizations has truly been remarkable. My approach to working with people, problem solving and creating practical solutions for businesses around the world is constantly evolving but my passion remains the same; empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and achieve the outcomes they desire.



We talk about the challenges and opportunities of multi-generational businesses

The Family Monday Podcast is a broad-based discussion of challenges and opportunities faced by multi-generational family businesses. The podcast's goal is to provide valuable discussions that will help these businesses and others better navigate the often complex but significant legacies that multi-gen businesses can have on the owners, employees, and communities.

“Rick has been our sounding board through each phase of the transition, and he has a rich historical context for how we got to that next stage. I don’t think that you can underestimate the value of that.”

- Gary Mortensen, President, Stoller Wine Group

“Choose Rick if you’re willing to look critically at yourself, your team, and your company... you’ll be able to move forward with a clear, actionable plan to accomplish your goals.”

- Jeff Buratto, CEO of Life Last, Inc

“Rick quickly builds trust and easily works within all report levels of our organization. His experience and third party insights bring focus to our discussions, energy to our initiatives, and accountability to our performance.”

- Anne Donovan, President, XeniumHR


Kind words from great business owners


Stoller Wine Group

Rick was brought in to add guidance and a seasoned perspective in addressing the required leadership and cultural reset in the organization.

Lenity Architecture

Lenity seemed to be stabilized and even growing, however, they felt that outside expertise was needed to provide guidance to ensure their key decisions on how to scale the business were sound. Having never hired outside consulting before, they soon found out how challenging it can be to find the right resource.


Whether it had to do with their motives, cost, or incompatibility, he was not finding the right consultant to help further the business. He wanted an advisor who was “interested in learning who we were — without an agenda.” After witnessing some of Rick’s work first-hand with another organization, Buratto decided to engage Rick Thomas to assist LifeLast.


Discovery Call

Let's discuss what you think your business needs and pain points are. What are you hoping to achieve?

Reflection Communication

 Provide a summary of needs and get your input and clarification as needed

Proposal Development

Addressing specific needs and recommended steps


Utilizing systems thinking principles to identify the root causes and actions leading to permanent solutions


Let's implement recommendations and key initiatives

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