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My approach challenges mindsets, presumptions, and habits — this allows my clients to target the real problems, leading them to real solutions.

Let's take real steps towards real change.

Succession & Exit Planning

Build a business the next generation wants to be a part of.

For the newest generations, there are more choices, opportunities and diversions for their careers than at any other time in history. Usually all good things, until it comes to attracting the next generation into the business.

Growth Strategy and Innovation

Develop the strategy your competition didn’t see coming

No longer exclusive to large deep-pocketed corporations, executing strategy is now the domain of even the smallest of organizations, hence just having a strategy is no longer good enough. Creativity, originality and urgency are the virtues of today’s strategy. We have over 30 years of experience developing and implementing strategy and ultimately accelerating the value of the business. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) through the Exit Planning Institute, we help businesses from solo practices to globally diverse enterprises align their organization around the strategy that will accelerate value in the business for the shareholders.


Be the leader your mother would be proud of

Executive coaching and mentoring to cultivate the virtues of leadership that will engage, challenge and motivate the organization.

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