My extensive experience in manufacturing has undoubtedly informed my approach as an advisor to business executives. The field of engineering taught me about systems thinking, a theory of system design and analysis which involves taking a “big picture” look at problems to recognize what went wrong and make connections between interrelated symptoms. This holistic approach helped me appreciate the importance of “casting a wide net” and setting aside our assumptions when we’re looking to solve a problem.

This type of thinking challenges our natural instincts with all its biases and prejudices. My approach — one that tests mindsets, presumptions, and habits — allows my clients to target the real problems, leading them to real solutions.

My background in the world of manufacturing and the philosophical approach it has afforded me is what makes my approach unique and effective, and I’m ready to put this experience to work for you and your business.


Taking a systematic and practical approach to solving your business problems.

  • I am married to a woman of incredible patience, grace, and humor and has chosen to put up with me for thirty-four years and counting.

  • I am a father to three amazing young adults (and one son-in-law) who all are making their way in this world. They are humbling their mother and I in the people they have become, the choices they are making, and the impact they are having on the lives of those around them.

  • I love an adventure, whether it be intellectual, emotional, physical, or spiritual.

  • I am drawn to being challenged by difficult things. Whether it has been running marathons, competing in triathlons, attending extended silent retreats or even chasing steelhead with a fly rod in the dead of winter! Whether I have succeeded or failed in the venture has always been secondary to the learning I have gained in pursuit of the goal.

  • I am blessed to be surrounded by people that believe in me and the work that I do.


Let's focus on what matters

Collaboration: We get more accomplished when we come together. The power of collaboration lies in shared knowledge, shared ideas, and shared success.

Intention: We must be willing to show up — to be present in the moment — mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and relationally.

Applied Insight:  We must put our words and thoughts into action to realize success

Objectivity: Challenging our biases, assumptions, and routines is critical to business growth and development.



How do you charge?

Engagements are either project or retainer based. Project engagements (typically assessments) are pre-determined fees based on a specific scope of work and task list identified at the outset of each engagement. Sophistication of your systems and business model, quality of information, clarity of your vision and availability and cooperation of your team all influence the engagement fee. Base fee for assessments start at $10,000 and scope-up from there based on scale and needs. Retainer fees are billed monthly or quarterly and scoped based on implementation needs. Rick does not charge hourly

What is the typical time frame for an engagement?

Project work typically runs 8 - 12 weeks (subject to availability) depending on the scope of work, though can run shorter or longer as dictated by the engagement. Implementation retainers are month to month after an initial 12 month commitment upon engagement.

Do you have an industry focus?

Rick has a broad experience profile and does not solely focus in one industry, rather working with businesses across many sectors including discrete and continuous flow manufacturing,  aerospace manufacturing, HR systems and staffing, building design and construction services, and many other niche businesses.

Can you provide referrals and what are your qualifications?

Yes, upon request. Rick has been providing business advisory services since 2005. Prior to that he partnered in a manufacturing business for fourteen years and brings a tremendous wealth of personal experience and multiple successful client engagements to bear. Degreed in Engineering Technology, Rick also maintains a series 65 Investment Advisor certification as well as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)™ certification

Will you sign an NDA?


Under what circumstances should we consider hiring you?

Two key elements must be in place for you to achieve the ROI on the investment in consulting services, 1) There must be some strategic problem to solve in the business that you have not been able to figure out, 2) There must be an end in mind you are aiming for. Without these two key components, you should think carefully before retaining any consulting service as you are likely not going to achieve the ultimate return on the fee to justify the engagement. Incidentally, the latter has sometimes been both a problem and a desired outcome in an engagement.